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Hemp and Cannabis, two species from the botanical class Cannabis Sativa L, share many of the same essential oils known as Terpenes. It is only in recent times that industrial hemp has been bred to refine these aromatic compounds, with a view to recreate the terpene profiles of notable Cannabis strains that have gained both notoriety in modern society and esteem among the Canna community. To recreate these profiles, certain hemp strains tend to be used, and it is these varieties that are utilised in the production of CBD rich aromatic hemp flowers. Below are four examples of popular hemp cultivars used for this purpose. 1)    Carmagnola - Historic Italian variety 2)    Finola - Often used to extract hemp...

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There are numerous reasons why people are choosing to purchase hemp tea flowers. The world is now aware of the many benefits that can be obtained from this amazing plant, and more and more people are using it as a way of improving their quality of life. The focus of this blog is not CBD however, but TERPENES.     - Terpenes and terpenoids (commonly shortened to ‘terps’) are unsaturated hydrocarbons produced naturally by plants and fruits, including hemp and cannabis. The terpene profile of these plants determines their distinctive flavour and aroma, and this in turn can result in an array of positive outcomes. Much like how lavender terpenes are well known for promoting relaxation and aiding in good quality...

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