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Hemp and Cannabis, two species from the botanical class Cannabis Sativa L, share many of the same essential oils known as TerpenesIt is only in recent times that industrial hemp has been bred to refine these aromatic compounds, with a view to recreate the terpene profiles of notable Cannabis strains that have gained both notoriety in modern society and esteem among the Canna community.
To recreate these profiles, certain hemp strains tend to be used, and it is these varieties that are utilised in the production of CBD rich aromatic hemp flowers. Below are four examples of popular hemp cultivars used for this purpose.
1)    Carmagnola - Historic Italian variety
2)    Finola - Often used to extract hemp oil
3)    Kompolti - Hungarian origin
4)    Santhica 27 - CBG rich, French origin
Our hemp teas are mostly derived from the cultivar Carmagnola, an Italian variety of industrial hemp that has been specifically bred to yield high levels of CBD whilst maintaining low levels of THC.
The different phenotypes (genetic variations) of Carmagnola hemp allows a diverse selection of terpenes and the necessary genetic pools needed to breed new cultivars.
A well trained eye/nose/palate may notice some genetic similarities within our range. Sour Skittles and Sour Diesel share genetics, as do our Pistachio and Stardawg cultivars. “Instable” genetics are commonplace in the world of breeding, which means a seedling’s traits may resemble either their mother or their father resulting in variation from batch to batch, with some cultivars exhibiting a greater range of phenotypes than others. Variation can also be caused by climate and growing conditions among other factors, such as the drying/curing process.
Our search for new genetics is a gradual never ending process that we take very seriously. We are also fortunate to work with some of the most talented breeders in Europe. The hemp and CBD industry is still on the rise and we hope to stay at the forefront, bringing you a wide array of the world's finest products.

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