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There are numerous reasons why people are choosing to purchase hemp tea flowers. The world is now aware of the many benefits that can be obtained from this amazing plant, and more and more people are using it as a way of improving their quality of life. The focus of this blog is not CBD however, but TERPENES.
Terpenes and terpenoids (commonly shortened to ‘terps’) are unsaturated hydrocarbons produced naturally by plants and fruits, including hemp and cannabis. The terpene profile of these plants determines their distinctive flavour and aroma, and this in turn can result in an array of positive outcomes. Much like how lavender terpenes are well known for promoting relaxation and aiding in good quality sleep, the terpenes in hemp flowers come with their own unique benefits alongside the benefits of CBD.

There are over 20,000 known terpenes and over 100 of these have been found present in cannabis and hemp. We’re going to look at 5 of the most common terpenes and what effects they can have.


1) Myrcene

Known for its earthiness and muskiness, Myrcene is prominent in ‘skunky’ strains such as Skunk #1. Its reported benefits include alleviating inflammation and helping manage pain.

2) Limonene

As the name suggests, Limonene is abundant in oils found in citrus peel, and can be found in many strains including Super Lemon Haze and NYC Diesel. Limonene is known for balancing mood and relieving stress.

3) Linalool

Commonly found in flowers and spice plants, Linalool is often used as an ingredient in toiletries and cleaning products for its pleasant aroma. Linalool plays a role in creating the unique bouquet found in Haze strains and is a well know anti-inflammatory that may also aid symptoms of depression.

4) Caryophyllene

This terpene is best categorised as spicy and peppery. Studies suggest Caryophyllene may be good for inflammation and anxiety, and is found in strains such as Skywalker and Pink Kush.

5) Pinene

The terpene that gives pine and other conifers their distinctive scent. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Pinene is prominent in Jack Herer and Blueberry among other strains.

As so many factors determine the end result of hemp flowers (genetics, growth methods, the drying process, storage etc), connoisseurs can appreciate the diversity of flavours and aromas, whilst those who look for specific benefits may favour certain terpene or cannabinoid profiles to suit their needs.
What’s your terpene of choice? Contact us and let us know… and in the meantime, rest assured - we will continue to expand our strain portfolio and search for new and exciting genetics.

The H&H Team


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