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Kashmiri | CBD Hash

Kashmiri | CBD Hash

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Strain Attributes

  • UK legal CBD hash hemp resin
  • 100% natural CBD rich hemp hash
  • Premium quality CBD hash
  • Non GMO and non pesticide
  • Lab certified
  • Full spectrum cannabinoids
  • <0.2% THC / Non-intoxicating
  • ~25% CBD
    • Nose: Earthy hash, creamy, chocolate
    • Palate: Earthy, chocolate, coffee, creamy
    • Effect: Indica dominant

    From our new premium hash range, Kashmiri is a dark aromatic hash that exhibits many of the same traits synonymous with old school hash. The trichome structure is strong, sticky and pliable, and with a little pressure fluffs up to the perfect consistency. In the final stage of production the makers of this fine resin shaped it into a cylinder to minimise surface area and prevent oxidation during storage. The terpene profile can be described as creamy and chocolatey with earthy coffee notes. 

    All of our hemp flower teas and CBD hash products are derived from government licensed EU hemp farms, are sold for novelty, display, and souvenir purposes only, and not intended to be heated or consumed.

    Based on market research and clinical studies cannabidiol and CBD flower products may help with aches and pains, anxiety, low mood, nausea and improving quality of sleep. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before using any CBD or hemp flower products. All Hemp & Herb CBD flower and hemp products contain under 0.2% THC, are UK legal and non-intoxicating. You can find our full Disclaimer here.


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