Create-a-Roll | Build-a-Blunt | Bespoke Prerolls & Custom Cocktails

Create-a-Roll | Build-a-Blunt | Bespoke Prerolls & Custom Cocktails

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We're delighted to offer the UK's very first Bespoke Preroll Service. With over 20 different strains of flower and resin we have a huge range of flavours at our disposal...

Fancy a 50/50 blend of Gelato and Caramelo served up in a RAW hemp preroll? Or perhaps you'd like to try a King Palm Blunt Cone filled with up to 4 layers of different flower so one strain changes into the other alongside optional fruit terpene activation! The combinations are endless with our Create-a-Roll & Build-a-Blunt tool.

For further ideas check out our Canna Concoctions menu for a list of our very own custom made Luxury Blunt and Preroll Cocktails.

Our Bespoke Prerolls are freshly made to order to ensure maximum freshness. Made with 100% pure whole hemp flower with no additives. We use only the choicest buds - no trim or shake is used in our prerolls, only the same premium quality flowers we use when selling in weight.

All of our hemp flowers and resins are derived from government licensed EU hemp farms.

Based on market research and clinical studies cannabidiol products may help with aches and pains, anxiety, low mood, nausea and improving quality of sleep. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before using any CBD products. All Hemp & Herb CBD products contain under 0.2% THC, are UK legal and non-intoxicating. You can find our full Disclaimer here.

All Blunts & Prerolls are sold for souvenir and display purposes only and not intended to be heated or consumed. Hemp & Herb does not condone smoking of any kind due to the negative side effects associated with the inhalation of carcinogens.