The new CBD Blunts & Prerolls collection has arrived, and with it comes something new, something different, and something unique.

Prerolls are often put in a negative light due to many companies sadly adopting an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach and opting to use shake, trim or generally less favourable parts of the hemp plant as their preroll mixture. We’ve challenged this by ensuring that all of our prerolled products use the same high quality buds we offer in weight.  All strains available to buy in weight are now available to buy as prerolls from our Single Strain Blunts & Prerolls range. Alongside the classic RAW hemp preroll customers can even choose a King Palm Natural Blunt Cone – individually hand made natural leaf rolls from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) family are fitted with corn husk filters for a unique and refined experience. No trees are cut down during their production and the leaves that are utilised grow back in abundance. King Palms are 100% natural, bio-degradable, super slow burning and resilient. They are also completely tobacco and chemical free.

But why stop there? With a large and diverse range of flavour profiles there is a lot that can be done; after all terpenes are volatile compounds that can invoke many therapeutic benefits. One strain may be perfect for relieving that reoccurring headache whilst another is optimal for aiding in quality sleep. Combining the two based off their effects may seem logical at times, and this is just one small aspect that contributed to the idea that eventually became known as our ‘Canna Concoctions’. With the rise in cannabis and hemp derived terpenes chefs from around the world even began to experiment with how these terpenes tasted in combination with food. Suddenly creations like ‘Lemon Haze Drizzle Cake’ became a reality, providing a fresh take in the culinary world. Without a doubt this also had an influence in our decision to launch our Canna Concoctions range, as two strains can combine with each other to create a ‘hybrid’ flavour profile alongside those ‘dual’ benefits. So we experimented with the diverse range of flavours and effects at our disposal and created our own Hemp & Herb CBD Cocktails...

To truly understand the origins of this idea we must go back to 2008. Akram, our director and founder of Hemp & Herb was on holiday and discovering the wondrous coffee shops of Holland for the first time. Naturally in his element, and already a keen Cannasseur, he was a kid in a candy shop, perusing the finest that the capital had to offer. A young university student at the time, he had just received his student loan, so he did what came naturally… he splurged. By the third night he had so many different strains that he could literally make his own ‘themed’ rolls; a pinch of Cheese from Stone's Café, with a dash of Blueberry from Hill Street Blues and a sprinkling of Vanilla Kush from De Rokerij, and voila — you had a Blueberry Cheesecake cocktail.

Our Canna Concoctions are either blended (multiple strains are ground together) or layered (multiple strains are stacked on top of each other so when one strain ends another begins), and the option for a King Palm Terpene Infused Blunt Cone adds a whole new dimension to this idea.

And the best part… you too can become a Canna Concoctionist using our unique Create-a-Roll and Build-a-Blunt tool. Make your own themed rolls or combine the strains that really work well for you. The combinations are endless and we cannot wait to build these unique and innovative creations for our valued customers. In the process of bringing this concept to life we truly have become Canna Concoctionists.

The H&H Team